About Us

Who we are, what we do..

Grumpyscampi was established in the year 2011, in mountainous Austria and tropical Indonesia and, therefore, from the very beginning the brand incorporated the most interesting and exciting of both worlds. Born from the visions of a group of young world travelers, Grumpyscampi itself is a journey. GrumpyScampi, has grown into a global independent clothing line, inspired by art from the underground for a youth on the eve of revolution reaching for a world beyond limits, borders, prejudices and enmity.


Our Vision & Mission

 “Ride, Play and Care”, more than a slogan for us, expresses the importance of being out there to live the life with all that it brings while showing a strong connection to nature and the people. We care, Grumpyscampi cares and our customers care to make a positive impact to this world, be it by supporting fair trade, creating decent employment, working for and promoting environmental sustainability and actively engaging in charity and social projects all over the world. 

We see our mission in offering clothing catching the spirit of life and time. Our products follow the highest quality standards. Excellent quality is paired with dedicated service and support in all concerns. We strive away from standards and conventions, act individualistic, innovative and dynamic. The realization of this is based on absolute professionalism and a combination of prime quality, innovative designs and flexibility regarding our products and services.


People and Planet

Our idea of employment is to create and promote fair, decent work and green jobs within Grumpyscampi as well as our suppliers and business partners worldwide. Work which provides our employees and their families with security and helps them to improve their livelihoods. In GrumpyScampi, we are a small team, we are friends and we are family. For our employees we provide a safe and interesting working environment wehre they can develop their full creative potential. At GrumpyScampi we are a small team, we are friend, we are family.

Environmental sustainability is important for us. We do our best in following green principles when choosing the fabrics, in the production and distribution as well as in our daily operations. Utilization of environmentally friendly input materials, sustainable use of resources, water and energy consumption are our priorities. Furthermore, we try to minimize waste generation and actively implement the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principle.